Management Report

9.2 CropScience

Research and development

Expenses for research and development at CropScience rose by 4.2% (Fx adj.) in the first quarter of 2015 to €240 million (q1 2014: €214 million).

In January 2015, CropScience received regulatory approval for the new insecticide SivantoTM from the u.s. Environmental Protection Agency (epa). It controls sucking pests on fruits and vegetables as well as most broad-acre crops and will be available for the 2015 growing season. Based on the active ingredient flupyradifurone, SivantoTM is a novel systemic insecticide with effective action against all development stages of sucking insects.

Capital expenditures, acquisitions and cooperations

In February 2015, representatives of Bayer CropScience and globalg.a.p. signed an agreement to further intensify their collaboration. The partners aim to implement sustainable growing methods and help fruit and vegetable growers worldwide to meet globalg.a.p. certification standards.

Emerging Markets

CropScience raised sales in the Emerging Markets by 15.3% (Fx adj.) in the first quarter of 2015 to €1,038 million (q1 2014: €898 million), with the strongest gains being recorded in Eastern Europe. Sales in Africa and the Middle East also posted double-digit growth. Asia likewise developed favorably. Sales in Latin America declined against the strong prior-year quarter, especially in Brazil. The Emerging Markets accounted for 33.6% (q1 2014: 31.0%) of total CropScience sales.

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